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FAQ: apartment benefits

FRANKLIN Concept House matches you in all respects: location, architecture, layouts of apartments, services that we provide here. But you have some questions about the type of property you are looking to buy. Is it possible to get a residence permit, how much will the rates of utilities in the apartments exceed the basic rates in the flat, and is it true that there are other requirements for the construction of apartment complexes? We have collected frequently asked questions from our clients and gave detailed answers to them.

  • Apartments and flat: what are the main differences?

    The main thing that distinguishes apartment and flat is its belonging to a residential or non-residential fund. In the case of apartments, this is a non-residential fund, therefore, apartment complexes can be built on location with different purposes: in recreational, historical, resort areas. This gives the owner of the apartments the opportunity not only to live, but also to work in them or rent them out.

    Візуально між квартирою та апартаментами немає відмінностей. Якщо ви поглянете на планування кімнат у FRANKLIN Concept House та планування квартир у наших інших житлових комплексах, то навряд чи побачите колосальну різницю. Звичайно, вони будуть відрізнятися, адже розташування та розмір кімнат, кількість вікон і літніх зон (балконів і лоджій) визначаються проєктом будинку та його архітектурною концепцією.

    FRANKLIN Concept House provides all the conditions for a comfortable stay. There is an area for day and night stay (living room and bedrooms), a kitchen, a bathroom, an entrance hall and summer areas: a balcony, a loggia and, due to differences in altitude, a terrace. Also, our apartments have one or two wardrobes. In addition to ergonomic layouts, the house provides a high level of service so that you will definitely feel comfortable at home.

  • Is it possible to register in the apartment?

    Today, registration does not have the same meaning as 15 years ago. This is due to the fact that since 2004 the institution of registration of citizens has been abolished in Ukraine. Now it is impossible to register either in apartments or in other real estate, however, residents of a flat can register their place of residence. Apartment owners do not have this option, but this will not affect their comfort in any way.

  • How can apartment buyers vote in elections, place a child in school and get a passport?

    You can get medical help, take part in elections or place a child in a kindergarten outside the place of your registration.

    • In school and preschool, classes and groups are formed according to the leftover principle, so the child can go to any educational institution if there is free space.
    • To receive medical services, you need to conclude a declaration with your family doctor. This can be done in both public and private clinics.
    • To participate in the elections, you should submit an application to the State Register of Voters, choose an address for voting and put an electronic digital signature. An invitation will be sent to the specified address.
    • The passport can be obtained from the Central Administrative Office of any region.
    • For pension payments, registration is also not needed - since 2017, you can apply for a pension in the Unified Register of Pensioners.
    • Not only citizens of Kyiv, but also those who work in the capital and are taxpayers can get a special card of citizens of Kyiv.

    Over the years, registration loses its relevance. According to various sources, about 7 million people in the country do not live at the place of permanent registration.

  • How much will the utility rates differ?

    Let's consider each service separately.

    • Electricity. Electricity tariffs will be higher, but it is important who exactly concludes the contract with DTEK: if it is a legal entity, the tariffs will be higher, if it is an individual, the tariffs will be the same as for the housing stock. Today, the basic tariff for individuals is 0.9 UAH per kw-hr up to 100 kw-hr. If a resident exceeds 100 kw-hr — 1.68 UAH per kw-hr. That is, the difference is insignificant.
    • Heating. As for heating costs, if you have your own boiler room, the tariffs will not be related to the city ones at all.
    • Water supply.Water tariffs are determined by the category of the house - private or multi-apartment. Based on this, residents of FRANKLIN Concept House will pay at the rate of apartment owners - UAH 11.54 \ 1 cubic meter for water supply and UAH 10.21 \ 1 cubic meter for drainage.
    • Other tariffs. The cost of maintenance of the adjacent territory and garbage disposal will be determined by the own management company ATMOSFERA.
  • Is it true that there are fewer requirements for the construction of apartments?

    Yes, there are fewer requirements — for the soundproofing of premises, landscaping, the availability of parking spaces, the design of commercial premises where infrastructure facilities can be located. But we set ourselves strict requirements and provide the most comfortable conditions for the residents of the apartments.

    Another rule for building an apartment is location. They can be located in a non-residential area.

  • How do the project developers approach the construction of the FRANKLIN Concept House?

    FRANKLIN Concept House is a five-star house that will fully comply with its concept. We have provided a service thanks to which the specialists of the management company will take care of the comfort of residents 24/7.

    The receptionist will open the door, call the elevator, walk you to the apartment and, if necessary, bring your suitcases and park your car. Thanks to the concierge service in the mobile application, you can order food delivery or call a plumber.

    Cleaning will be a separate service in FRANKLIN Concept House. In the SFERA application there is a section "Regular cleaning" from the management company ATMOSFERA. You need to choose a convenient time, date and click "Order" so that the apartment is always clean.

    Round-the-clock security will be provided, as well as a modern access control system will be applied - the entrance to the house and to the floor with apartments is only by electronic cards. An unauthorized person will not be able to use the elevator and get to the desired floor of the house without a special pass. For the safety of residents, armored doors will be installed in the apartments.

    To ensure that apartment owners have everything they need in their home, the first five floors will be occupied by commercial premises with cafes, restaurants and offices.

  • What is the apartment tax?

    Apartment tax is 1.5% of the minimum wage for 1 sq. m. This is the data for January 1, 2019. Apartments are subject to tax on sale as well. The owner of the property pays 5% income tax and 1.5% military tax.

  • Can I get a mortgage to buy an apartment?

    The apartments are classified as non-residential, so they cannot be bought on credit. But FRANKLIN Concept House has convenient installment terms. You can pay the first installment and distribute the remainder for a long time. At the same time, the buyer does not need to collect a whole package of documents, just a passport and a code are enough.

If you didn’t find the answer to your question or want to know more about apartments in FRANKLIN Concept House, you can always contact our managers. Sales department address: Antonovich street, 44.