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Features of five-star service at FRANKLIN Concept House

What is FRANKLIN Concept House 5 Star Service? This is when your comfort is taken care of 24/7, when your privacy is respected as your own, as well as when you can solve all everyday issues with a few clicks in your mobile phone.

We have prepared for you a list of services that will be provided in our five-star home. If you are just considering the option of buying an apartment in FRANKLIN Concept House, after this article you will definitely want to live here, and if you have already chosen an apartment - once again make sure that your decision is correct.


First on our five-star list is the receptionist. Why the first? Because it is he who will meet the residents and visitors of FRANKLIN Concept House, open the door for them, call the elevator, escort them to the apartment and help carry their suitcases. The receptionist will also become an assistant if you or your guest need to park the car.

Concierge service

Concierge service is a service that can be easily entrusted with almost all household affairs. You do not need to waste time on dry cleaning, water delivery or ordering your favorite dish - all this can be done in the special mobile application SFERA. A few clicks on your smartphone are enough to call a plumber, electrician or courier who will take your parcel to the specified address. In general, the SFERA application and the list of services in it will become real helpers for apartment owners in FRANKLIN Concept House.

Safety system

The safety and privacy of the FRANKLIN Concept House residents is our No. 1 challenge. We want residents to feel as comfortable as possible, not only in the apartments, but also outside them. That is why CCTV cameras will be installed in public spaces (lobby, on floors) and in the adjacent territory. They will sync with the mobile application, so you can always see what is happening in and around the house.

The FRANKLIN Concept House will provide round-the-clock security, as well as a modern access control system will be installed - the entrance to the house and to the floor with apartments is only by electronic cards. An outsider will not be able to use the elevator and get to the required level of the house without a special pass. All apartments will have built-in safes and armored doors.


We decided to highlight this service separately, since the residents of FRANKLIN Concept House can make this service regular. The SFERA application has a section "Regular cleaning", where you need to choose a convenient time, date and just click "Order". A few clicks - and your apartment is always clean!

If you want to live in a home with a five-star service, we invite you to our sales department. Our managers will tell you more about the services, terms of purchase and apartment layouts. See you at our sales office at st. Antonovich, 44.

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